Request for Permission to Publish
Mizer Foundation Archives & Special Collections 

Researchers who wish to publish materials from our collections are required to request permission in advance. In addition to publication in books and journal or magazine articles, permission is required for display in exhibits (hardcopy or online), presentation in websites, or display in offices, galleries and other public facilities. Keep in mind that physical ownership of a print does not include the right to use our trademarked names Bob Mizer, Athletic Model Guild or AMG nor exhibit our intellectual property without exclusive pre-arrangement. 

That said, let's go!
Let's get all your contact info first, and then you can tell us what you need.  

Let's start with your first name.

And your last name?

What is your business name?  If you are a private researcher, just say "none"

Your company or personal website?

Or a Facebook page if there is one for this project.
Let's get your address now.

Street, City, State, Zip, Country...
Ok,we are almost done.  So, are you interested in a still image or film clip?

Now tell us about your project and image needs.  What are you calling the project?

And tell us which image or film clip you wish to use.  If you have the catalog number or know the page number it was previously published in Physique Pictorial or elsewhere, tell us to further identify the image.

If you have a copy of the image, you can email that to us after filling out this form.  Upload it through basic contact form on our contact page.
Who is publishing this project?

Anticipated Date of Publication?

Last question.  Anything else you'd like to tell us?  Thanks a lot, and we'll be in touch and get this going.

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